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29th September 2018

If you wish to use our courts in the evening, now that the nights are drawing in, you must equip yourself with a floodlight token or two. Each token costs 5 pounds and lasts an hour. If you are playing for two hours please insert the two tokens at the beginning. That’s important, thanks!

To obtain a token or tokens you must pay a personal visit to the Pavilion Clubhouse/Café at any time between 9am and 4pm on any day of the week. Tokens can be purchased at the counter on the right-hand side. And don’t forget to ask where the floodlight boxes are and how to use them.

Evening tennis in the winter period requires a little bit of extra organisation. But once the routine is underway you can enjoy your tennis throughout the year.

Southsea Tennis Club


New or Returning to Tennis?

25th August 2018

We have just the session for you!

When? Tuesday from 6.30 to 7.30pm

Where? Southsea Tennis Club on Clarence Esplanade

When does it start?  Tuesday, 4th September

Can I join later? Yes, there are flexible entry times.

Who do I contact? Just drop a line to the Contact page of our website:





Late Summer Membership Offer

25th August 2018

The months of September and October are often good months for outdoor exercise. Tennis is rated as one of the top sports for your physical and mental health, combining gentle exercise, problem-solving and enjoyment.  Interested?

Yes! Then why not take advantage of our two month membership scheme for just  29 pounds. This gives you membership access to the Club, its tennis programme, including social mix-ins, its courts and facilities for the duration of your membership. Particular benefits are:

  • free use of our courts at a time to suit using our online booking system,
  • the same coaching rates that club members enjoy
  • a 10% discount at our café.

The offer is aimed at families but individuals can take up this limited membership offer too. Whether you are a family of two or five (children must be under 18) or a single adult this offer is for you!

For more information please send a brief note using the Contact page of this website.

We look forward to seeing you on court!